a bad day

You Had A Bad Day

Sometimes we have bad days. Negativity creeps in. We find ourselves thinking negative thoughts, feelings of sadness or even depression comes over us. But we needn’t let those bad days define who we are. We need to recognize it for what it is. You had a bad day.

Often times when this happens we start to re-define ourselves as a negative person or a “downer”. We may even start to withdraw from friends and family feeling like we don’t want to subject them to our negativity.

What we need to understand is that this is normal. There is the universal law of rhythm which states that the Universe’s energies flow in and ebb out, just like the tides.

When we begin to understand this law, it becomes easier to see and accept why these things, these negative feelings, emotions and situations are happening and how to ride the waves.

We can begin to understand and accept that bad things will happen, but it is how we deal with them that make all the difference in the world.

Knowledge if powerful in this situation. Know that this is a universal law, accept it and learn how to live through it.

Know that when bad things are happening, good things are going to follow. They have to. So, keep your eye out for them and your thoughts upon them. Expect them!

Also know that when good things are happening in our lives, appreciate them fully and whole-heartedly because, yes, lower vibrational situations will be coming.

Ride the waves. Keep your thoughts focused on good things always, even in times of hardship. There is a silver-lining to every black cloud, and the silver-lining is what we need to stay focused on.

Try your best to keep your attention on gratitude and the things you can be happy about today.

And never, ever let the negative days define you. So, you had a bad day.

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