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Why Is This Happening To Me?

How many times have we said “why is this happening to me?” I cannot tell you how many times that phrase has come out of my mouth. And most times it doesn’t come out quietly. It’s more like a cry of pure outrage. The feeling of no-control takes over me and I just want to scream.

I read an article recently about 911. It gave an account of the people that didn’t make it to work that day. It talked about the lady who spilled food on herself and had to go back in and change.  And a guy who missed his bus. There was another who was stuck on the NJ Turnpike due to an accident and another man whose car wouldn’t start. All were probably so frustrated and maybe even angry at that moment. Thinking to themselves “why me?” Why do these things always happen to me?” Not knowing that the very thing causing their grievances actually spared their life.

These people are able to look back and realize how lucky they actually were that these annoyances happened to them that morning. Most of us don’t get to understand or see the “why” of our frustrating situations. We just feel the anger, resentment or helplessness.

What if we start thinking in all things that life is happening “for” us and not “to” us? That if we just start trusting that God and the Universe are actually looking out for us at all times and not just the times we can see. What if we change our belief system to just “knowing” that all things are happening for our good even if we are never able to easily recognize the “why”?

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2 thoughts on “Why Is This Happening To Me?”

  1. I absolutely love your sweet soul. You have been a great friend of many years and a wonderful voice of reason. Keep up the great work! 🥰

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