What Exactly Is Visualization?

This is something we do all the time, we just aren’t aware we’re doing it. When we’re using our imagination, we are visualizing. When we’re day-dreaming, we are visualizing. Most of us also aren’t aware of how to deliberately use visualization to bring into our lives the things we want.

If They Can Do It

Take for example professional athletes.  They use visualization to create the outcomes they want all the time.  Seeing themselves in their mind making that goal, hitting that basket or making the game-winning throw.  Picturing themselves winning the game and standing there on the stage with that trophy. Not losing the game, making some game-losing error or seeing the other team win. They hold onto winning images of themselves.

Actors use visualization as well. Jim Carrey will tell you that when he was young and broke, before he became the famous actor we know today, he would drive up to Mulholland Dr., park his car and just sit and visualize. Picturing directors and others whom he respected telling him how much they liked his work. And he even wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 for acting services rendered. He dated it Thanksgiving day and gave himself 3 years to attain it.  He found out just before Thanksgiving in 1995 that he would be earning $10,000,000 for the movie Dumb and Dumber.

How Do We Visualize

  • First, have a specific goal in mind
  • Second, find a quiet place and let your mind be filled only with that goal.
  • Third, close your eyes and visualize yourself with that goal, actually feeling yourself living it. Make the picture in your mind so real that you can actually feel the space and everything your goal entails around you.

So if it’s a new house that you want to attract, visualize yourself walking through the house of your dreams. Start out at the front door.  Look all around you. Take deliberate steps into the foyer and then into the kitchen. Feel the smooth beautiful new counter-tops, slide your hands over the gorgeous stainless-steel appliances, feeling the coldness on your fingertips.  Smell the aroma of the homemade cookies baking in the oven.  Walk out the back door and notice the fresh cut, lush green lawn and the colorful flowers. See your family pet happily running and playing in that beautiful backyard. Now go back in the door, go up the stairs and walk slowly into each of the bedrooms and just look at all of the detail of this beautiful home and feel the excitement of it being yours.

If you do this properly, when you open your eyes, you will almost be stunned that you are not in that space you were just visualizing.

It Works!

I had success using the visualization technique to get a beautiful in-ground pool in our backyard.  I would set aside about 10-15 minutes each day and picture myself, my family and all of our friends enjoying the beautiful new pool. Feeling the coolness of the water and tasting the saltwater on my lips. Watching my kids have fun jumping in and hearing them splashing around. Seeing my husband and I lazily floating around with a cocktail. And when it finally became a reality, I felt like we had already been enjoying it forever.

“Become a deliberate creator of your goals, don’t just stumble into them by accident”

~ Tena

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