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Do vision boards actually work? My answer is an emphatic yes! In fact, this is the method my daughter Sydney uses almost exclusively. 

I never really paid much attention to the vision board that she keeps in her room. But I did look at it one day and actually gasped.  Her brand-new car that was sitting in our driveway was the EXACT car she had on her vision board. The same model, color and everything. And there were others, including her current job, travel destinations and a loving relationship. To say I am proud of her for manifesting what she really wanted into her life is an understatement.

This is Sydney’s current vision board:

Why They Work

Vision boards can be displayed somewhere you will see it often. Each time you look at it you will remember to take the time to visualize having what it is you want. And then conjure up a real feeling of excitement and gratitude. The more often you do this, the faster you will manifest it.


Don’t go small on your vision boards either, go big! The Universe doesn’t care what you want, it’s the feeling and excitement in you that will manifest whatever it is into reality.

Whatever it is on your vision board needs to make you feel really happy.  No half measures here.  If it doesn’t get you really excited, then don’t put it on there.

How Many

You can create multiple boards as well. Doesn’t have to be just one.  You can have one for work goals, health goals, travel, etc.  Just make sure to have them out somewhere that you can see them often.  Maybe keep one at home and one in your work office or another place that you will frequently be.

Keep making more. When you have achieved the goals that you were working towards, make new goals and make new vision boards!

Helpful Resources:

Be sure to click through to my Pinterest page for some ideas on how to create your own vision board

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