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Have you been struggling to change your life and not getting ‘why’ it’s been so hard? Has trying to better yourself been nothing but an uphill battle and you’re stuck? This guide will explain how understanding and shifting paradigms could be the key to making progress.

What Is A Paradigm?

The easiest way to understand a paradigm is to think of it as your internal mental program. This program has been controlling you and directing your path all throughout your life.

Our internal thoughts, self-image and limiting beliefs all make up this paradigm. It controls our behavior through our subconscious mind. Often without us even being aware. 

How Was This Paradigm Formed?

We have been programmed through genetics, early life situations, certain events and the people who raised us. 

As an infant until age 5-6 our minds are extremely susceptible to people, situations and our early childhood environment. Well-meaning family members and their ideas and opinions were being continuously impressed upon our subconscious mind.

All of these things worked together in creating our limiting beliefs about ourselves. And we had no ability to control them. 

Once these paradigms have formed they will dictate how we behave , view the world and how we see ourselves within it.

I’ll use my daughter as an example. As a toddler on up she was extremely quiet and reserved. We all labeled her as “shy”. Everyone around her would refer to her as the quiet, shy one.

Growing up and now in school, she thinks of herself as the quiet, shy girl. She has a hard time raising her hand in class or being the silly, fun extrovert like her peers.  She really “wants” to be outgoing and talkative but her internal paradigm tells her that’s not who she is. She’s the shy one and shy people don’t behave that way.

It was a real internal struggle for her as her paradigm or limiting beliefs didn’t fit with who she now wanted to become. 

Understanding Paradigms

If you have been struggling to change the results in your life and  just can’t make any progress, it is most likely a paradigm holding you back. 

struggling to pay bills

For instance, if you grew up in an impoverished or single parent household you learned from a very young age that money was hard to come by. You saw how hard your parent(s) had to work just to make ends meet, pay the bills and put food on the table. You may have even heard them complaining or arguing about money. 

Maybe you had to go without a lot of the time and never had all the things your friends had.

As you’ve grown up, that limiting belief is still within you. It’s what controls you. So even when you are trying to get financially ahead, your internal paradigm continues to talk to you. It’s telling you that money is just so hard to get. You don’t deserve to have money and all the good things in life. Those things are for the “other” people. The rich people who never had to struggle. 

And these ideas aren’t coming from your conscious “thinking” mind they are coming from your subconscious mind. This means that this internal battle is going on within and you are completely unaware.

Understanding and shifting paradigms is essential to our progress.

How Do We Shift A Paradigm?

In certain instances, it may be something significant in your life that will immediately shift your beliefs. Perhaps the sudden or tragic death of a loved one or maybe your own near death experience. Situations such as these can have a profound or dramatic effect on you and quickly propel you to re-evaluate your life. 

But most of us will have to work at it: 

  • Identify the paradigm or limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Create a list of positive affirmations to combat those limiting beliefs
  • Write out these affirmations daily
  • Say them to yourself quietly or out loud throughout the day
  • Say them to yourself quietly or out loud before you go to sleep at night (this is huge)
  • Repeat over and over again. Repetition is key

How Does It Work?

You’ve heard about hypnosis and how planting an idea into your subconscious mind will help you change. The problem with hypnosis is that it’s only done once. 

These new affirmations need to be planted into our subconscious mind over and over again on a repetitive basis before they can take root. Before your subconscious mind will actually start believing them.

Your subconscious mind has no ability to reject any idea that is given to it. It is like an open cup and accepts everything your thinking mind pours into it. 

How Long For Results?

Do this for at least 30 days. And as you make progress, keep re-evaluating yourself and your new beliefs. You’ll soon realize that the limiting beliefs that were holding you back are gone. Replaced with a new empowering paradigm.

Helpful Resources:

This video of a young guy who learned how to understand and shift his paradigm is really inspiring.

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