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What Is Scripting?

Scripting is like writing the movie of your life and you’re the star. You get to script exactly how you want to see your life evolve.  You can script specific moments in time or script exactly how you want a specific day to go or how you want to see the next month play out, the next year or the next 5 years of your life.

How far in the future you go is entirely up to you. And keep adding to your script as often as you get new ideas. Think of it as a running play of your life and keep adding new scenes.

How To Script

Pretend you’re writing to an old friend, and tell them exactly what is going on in your life. The letter will be about how you want your life to be, but written in the present tense. Fill this letter full of a lot of detail.  Describe exactly how your relationships are going. How the people look, act and make you feel. Tell them exactly the type of job you are doing with everything the job entails on a daily basis.

Write down how exciting and steamy your new love life is. Describe your beautiful new dream home in full detail including where it is located, listing all of the amenities and describing how much you love it. 

Feeling Is Key

Focus on the feeling of having what you want right now will bring you. Invoke the emotions of how you would be feeling if what you were writing was already here. Feel the excitement, happiness and contentment you would feel. Feel the exact moment you want to create.

So if it’s a new job your scripting out, feel how you would feel when that dream job is yours, the excitement and newness and the feeling of financial freedom and contentment the new job brings.

Finding The Emotion

If you have problems conjuring up that feeling of happiness or excitement think back on a time when you felt that way maybe when you received great, unexpected news or maybe the day you got engaged or married.  Just find the thing that brought you great happiness and excitement and then harness that feeling and bring it into the present moment while focusing on your script. Feeling the emotion is the fastest way to bring your desires into reality.

Attitude of Gratitude

And make sure you are feeling grateful while you’re writing.  Gratitude will make everything come to you much faster. When we are in a state of gratitude our heart is open to receiving all good things.

Be Anxious For Nothing

Do not focus on the timeline of when these events will happen or “how” they will happen, just be joyful and grateful in the moment and trust the universe is working on your behalf to bring them into physical form. Make sure to stay aware of all signs that what you want is coming into your life because they will be there.

It Really Works

Check out this video on how the creator of Spanx scripted her goal into existence.

Helpful Resources:

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Peggy McColl the author of Savy Wisdom has developed an awesome scripting your life program. She is offering a FREE e-book here if you are interested in reading more about how to Script your life for success.

Don’t lose your precious life script by having it written on a bunch of loose leaf pages strewn everywhere. Keep it neat and available so whenever you get a new idea or scene you can easily jot it down.

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