Savy Wisdom review

SAVY WISDOM – a book review

Best Selling author Peggy McColl takes us on a life-changing journey of self-discovery, courage and hope in Savy Wisdom.

With the help of a virtual stranger, Sophie learns how to recognize and attempts to overcome all of the limitations she has put upon herself. By utilizing and understanding the principles of the Law of Attraction, Sophie sets out to create the life she truly wants to live.


Loved it!


Savy Wisdom begins with a young high school girl, Sophie, who is going through what she believes is a life-ending break-up. Through an act of fate on a cold park bench, she meets Savy, an older, well-dressed and very wise gentleman.  In just a few short conversations with Savy, Sophie begins to regain her motivation and enthusiasm for living. Unselfishly he shares his knowledge and wisdom with her of just how she can go about changing her life.

By embracing and putting into action the information Savy provides her, Sophie proves to be a great and ambitious student. She immediately begins actively applying this new knowledge and quickly notices it’s beginning to work.  She recognizes and likes all of the positive changes she is starting to see in her life and works hard to keep her new-found attitude.

With Savy’s guidance, Sophie embarks on a tireless but rewarding journey of self-discovery and growth. Delving deep within herself to figure out who and what she really wants to be.  In her search she learns how willful and strong she really is. She realizes how she alone possesses the power and ability to create the life she truly wants.

Throughout the story, Sophie forms a lovely and unbreakable bond with Savy. One that neither of them knows just how deep it really goes until almost the very end.  There will be other heartbreaks for Sophie along the way. But with her new knowledge of how to overcome, she faces these challenges with optimism and hope.

Unbeknownst to her, the negative situation in the beginning of the story provided valuable lessons to be learned.  A move to change was needed for Sophie and Savy’s wisdom gave her the courage to try.


Savy Wisdom is a quick, easy and compelling read. Peggy McColl is an excellent story teller who consistently delivers life-changing and inspirational information to her readers. She is able to help you fully understand, relate to and want to apply this knowledge to your own life. 

It’s my belief that I know who the real-life Savy really is and if correct, I too have learned life-changing information from Savy Wisdom.

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I highly recommend you read Savy Wisdom. The knowledge and information contained in this book really does have the power to change your life.

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