Noonimals: Believe – Interview And Book Review

In this article I interview Dalandra Young and review her new children’s book, Noonimals: Believe.

The Premise

Best-selling author Dalandra Young brings to life again, her unique and lovable Noonimals characters. In this story, they teach kids how to use the law of attraction and empower them with the knowledge that their thoughts alone can create a life they love.

Why I Love It

Dalandra does a great job of easily and gently explaining the principles of how to use the law of attraction in 7 easy steps.

With amazing 3-D illustrations, the characters come to life in a playful, energetic and beautiful way. The colors used throughout the book are vibrant and fun. And the illustrations alone make this book a “must have”.

Featuring a diversified group of characters, kids from all nationalities will find them enjoyable and relatable. And I especially like the Krisch character, who is dealing with a physical attribute he finds significantly troubling. He will speak to the many kids in this world who also suffer from insecurities about their appearance.

Important Learning Techniques

And what I love most about Noonimals: Believe is how Dalandra introduces the land of Noonimals through the kids’ own imagination. It is such an important faculty and should be encouraged more by parents and schools alike.

She does an excellent job of explaining in an easy way, the importance of appreciation and gratitude. Which are paramount in receiving more of what we want.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this would make a perfect gift for any child in your life who deals with insecurity or self-doubt. While having grown up with my own fear, anxiety and self-confidence issues, I wish I had a book like this when I was young.

About The Author

Born January 20, 1973 in Newark N.J., Dalandra conceived Dopy Dog when she was just 14 years old and continued to draw him, along with 8 other characters created in her early 20s—all called Noonimals—for years to come. The name “Noonimals” originates from Dalandra’s nickname as a baby, which was Nooni.

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