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Our relationship with money or how we feel about money actually dictates how money comes to us. Money makes the world go round, we all know that. But if we are constantly in a state of feeling that we need more money or we don’t have enough money, that’s what is going to come to us…not having enough money.

Feel Good

Stop feeling guilty about spending money. The holidays have just passed and we are all going to be looking at our credit card bills next month and thinking, what did I do? Where did I spend all of this money? Where did it all go to? And how on earth am I going to pay off these bills? Don’t do that! Try and remember why you spent that money. You were spending it to make others happy and in doing so you made yourself feel good. Remember that feeling when you’re looking at that bill. Try to remember the good things that you spent that money on and be happy and grateful for it. [FRIENDLY TIP] Don’t open bills when you’re in a negative mindset (bad mood) as you will find it much more difficult to conjure up any kind of good feelings toward that bill.

Be Grateful

Be happy for all the money you have ever been given in your life. It may feel sometimes as though you weren’t given much but we tend to forget. Have you always had food on your table and clothes on your back? Most of us can say yes to that and we need to feel happy and grateful for it. Sure, there have probably been times of struggle but mostly you have probably had what you’ve needed.

Gratitude brings more to you. When we feel grateful for the money we do have more will come. Do not feel stressed about it, as we know how the Law of Attraction works, stress begets stress. When we feel like we don’t have enough, we get more of not having enough.

Change Your Thoughts

When we change the way we think and feel about money and start being happy and grateful for what we have and have always had, more will come our way. Start thinking of money in a positive light, being happy, grateful and expectant. Stop thinking of money in terms of negativity, scarcity and lack.

You’ve heard that term “money is the root of all evil”. Some of us grew up listening to our parents tell us that. It is not true and we need to change that thought. We need to start realizing that money is our friend. The friend that helps us to live the life we want, to see the people and places we want to see and to be kind and charitable to others. It is just a piece of paper…we make it good or bad.

“Money comes where it is invited and stays where it is welcome”

` Bob Proctor

If you have had issues in the past with attracting money or creating wealth then you need to read Think and Grow Rich. A young Napoleon Hill was set to the task of interviewing some of the most wealthy men of their time. He wanted to find out what made them different than everybody else to be able to create such wealth for themselves. What he outlines in this book are the 13 principals that all of these guys had followed and what anyone who wants to create wealth must also follow.

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