making a decision

Making a Decision

Making a decision is decidedly one of the hardest, yet most important thing any of us need to do in order to move forward in life.

It is the very first objective that we need to accomplish to get us moving toward the thing we want. 

How often have you found yourself on the fence over making a decision? Do I stay or do I go? Do I take the new job or stay where I feel safe?

It is natural for us to feel apprehensive when faced with decision. It is our inner paradigm that kicks in trying to protect us from making a mistake.

But too often we let that paradigm win. Never making a decision that could quite possibly change our lives.

Take a Chance

What we fail to realize when making a decision is we do not need to know for certain that it is going to work out.  You can never connect the dots going forward. You will never know if the decision you make today will be the right one.

This is why so many people stay stuck in their lives. They are waiting for all of the stars to be aligned. Waiting for some type of sign from the universe. Most of the time, that isn’t going to come. You aren’t going to hear the angels sing when you’ve made the right choice.

What you will feel is relief. You will feel a sense of calmness, knowing that the hard part is behind you. Once the hard part is done, the decision is made, you will feel a sense of excitement.

You are now moving toward something. Your thoughts now will be focused on the new objective and not the decision itself. You will start to attract things, ideas, people and situations that will help you get to the goal.

Focus on the Objective

And don’t second guess the decision you’ve made.  Just move toward making it work. Start to ask yourself, how can it work? Never dwell on how it cannot. Focus only on your objective. Don’t worry about how the circumstances around you look.

If you are worried about taking that new job because now you will need new suits. Don’t worry about that yet. Make the decision and the other things that you thought were big issues will start to fall into place for you.

And you can’t worry about failure. You are never a failure when you are moving forward. There may be stumbling blocks along the way but the real failure is in not even trying.

Act As If Success Is For Certain

Price Pritchett, Ph.D

Just Do It

So make today the day you make that decision. Get out there and get going. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can do it. Take that leap of faith today and begin creating your future.

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