Live “From” Your Goals And Intentions

When creating the life we want we must learn to live “from” our goals and intentions. Think from the end of your goal and assume your already have what it is you want. We need to feel and act like the person we want to become. Seeing ourselves “from” our desire and not just “with” our desire is key to how the Law of Attraction works.

Use Your Imagination

Carve out some time in your day to just let your imagination go.  Do this in the quiet morning or before you fall asleep at night. Picture yourself doing what it is you want to be doing or actually being and living like the person you want to become.

Fill the picture in with a lot of detail so it feels more real to you.  If your goal is a vacation, feel the hot sand beneath your feet, smell the salty air of the ocean. Feel the sweaty nervousness of making that big important presentation.  Picture yourself in that brand new relationship. Feel their hand in yours and the softness or roughness of their skin.

The difference between a day-dream and consciously creating is “feeling”.  Assume the feeling of how you would feel if your wish were actually fulfilled.  Conjuring up a sense of excitement within yourself. 

And once you start to feel that excitement…stay with it.  Keep that feeling for as long as you can.  The more you get yourself into that “feeling” state the faster your wish will be realized.

How To Tip:

If you have trouble with this part, picture your friends or relatives or whomever would share your happiness, telling you how great it is that you’ve reached your goal.  Picture them being so happy and excited for you and you being so proud and elated yourself.

“You, by your conscious assumptions, determine the nature of the world in which you live. Ignore the present state and assume the wish fulfilled”

~ Neville Goddard

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Below is one of the best books on how to use visualization and living “from” the end of your goal in order to make your goal a reality. Check it out!

The Power of Awareness – Neville Goddard

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