live from the end

Live From The End

What does that mean to live from the end? When you are trying to create a new reality, you must live only from and in the end result.

Get Into The Feeling

How will you feel when you have what it is you’re wanting? Say you want a new relationship. How are you going to feel while you are in that relationship? 

What are the things you would be thinking about? You may think “where are we going to dinner tonight?” “What plans are we going to make for the weekend?” “Maybe we could go to the beach or maybe hang out with our friends.” 

Visualize this conversation going on in your head. Use your imagination to think of all kinds of things you would be thinking about IF you were already in that relationship. 

Everything happens first in our imaginations. Nothing has ever been created without first being imagined. So if you’re trying to create a new reality, you have to vividly imagine it first. 

And don’t get discouraged when you don’t see it in your outer world yet. Know that it is coming. It is on it’s way. If you truly are living from the end, you won’t have feelings of lack.

You won’t notice that you don’t already have what it is you’re wanting. You would actually be thinking about a new venture or a new goal since what you were wanting is already here.

Never worry about how it’s going to happen. It will happen in ways you can’t possibly imagine. Don’t even think about that. Just focus only on the end result.

Do this every day for at least 10 minutes a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Fall asleep feeling as though you are the person you are wanting to be. Already having what it is you want to have.

If you persist in the assumption of the wish already fulfilled, you will see it in your outer reality.

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