focus on what you do want

Focus On What You DO Want

So often we find ourselves frustrated or depressed about our circumstances but what are we thinking about? Are we spending our time thinking of all the things we don’t like about our life? Are we thinking about all of the depressing circumstances surrounding us? Just a simple change in our thoughts could change the whole direction of our day and ultimately our lives. Focus on what you DO want instead of what you DON’T want.

Prosperity or Debt?

We may find ourselves wishing we didn’t have so much debt. Feeling frustrated and angry that we can’t go buy the things we really want. How will you attract money into your life if you’re thinking about debt?

What we need to do is focus on prosperity. Start by feeling grateful for the money that you DO have. Be grateful for all the money that you have ever been given in your life. If you start focusing on what you DO have, more of that will come into your life. When we focus on lack or debt, that is what we will see more of.

Have you ever noticed when you get a new car, how many of those same cars you see on the road? That is because it is what you are focusing on. We attract and notice what we are focusing on.

Happy or Lonely?

If we feel lonely or sad because we are not in a loving relationship, that is what you are going to feel more of. You may notice all sorts of people around you looking happy and care-free and then feel bad because that isn’t what you have.

Start feeling grateful for all of the past relationships you HAVE had. Even if they weren’t great all the time, remember back on only the good times and the fact it was a good learning experience for you.

When we start to feel happy and good about relationships, that is what we will attract.

We Become What We Think About All Day Long

~ Ralph waldo emerson

Start to pay attention to your thoughts. When you start to feel lonely or down, notice it and then make a conscious decision to focus on the other side of that thought.

If you stop focusing on what you don’t want and focus and think only about what you do want, life will start to become better and better for you.

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