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The best thing we can do for our kids is to teach them how their thoughts become things. That how changing their thoughts can change how their life will evolve. Let them know how the law of attraction works. They don’t learn this in school. So you as the parent need to empower your kids with this knowledge.

Let Them Have an Imagination

Encourage them to use their imagination, whether at play and as they get older. Tell them that imagination is a wonderful thing.

Everything we see that has ever been created started in someone’s imagination. All the great thinkers and creators who have ever made a difference in this world never let outside circumstances hinder their imagination. They worked in reverse. They let their imagination change the circumstances of the outside world.

The imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known.

    ~ Napoleon Hill

So often our kids are told to stop day-dreaming and get to work. But we need to encourage our kids to use their imagination. We need to teach them how to harness that power. How using their imagination can create anything they want.

They don’t teach our kids this in school. They teach them to memorize, study and get good grades. It’s up to you to empower your kids to use their imagination for good.

Teach Them the Art of Manifestation

Kids have an innate ability to powerfully manifest what they want. They have no reason yet to believe that what they want can’t happen.

It’s only as we get older we lose that ability. We know too much and think too much about “why” something can’t happen.

We talk ourselves out of what we want because we can’t see “how” we’re going to get there.

Kids don’t do this. They believe they can have anything they want. And they’re right! We, the adults are the ones who have been wrong all this time.


My oldest son was about 7 years old when one day we were waiting for a table at Cracker Barrel restaurant. We were just browsing through the quaint little gift shop when he spotted a Webkinz (remember those?). The cost of the toy was $10. He kept asking me if he could get one. Of course I said “no son, we aren’t here to buy toys and anyway I’m not giving you $10 for a little stuffed animal. It was of little importance to me. But it wasn’t to him. He collected these toys and this was one he didn’t have. So he really wanted it. He walked away rejected as I continued to casually browse.

A few minutes later he walked up to me with a $10 bill in his little hand and said “Mom, I just found this on the floor, now can I get that Webkinz”?

This was before I knew anything about the law of attraction or manifestation. But it later occurred to me how powerful kids’ abilities are for manifesting what they want.

Kids have no resistance in the form of too many disappointments and all the years of hearing why they can’t. If you empower your kids with this knowledge at a young age, they will grow up knowing and believing that they can have, be or achieve anything they want.

Keep Them Focusing on The Positive

What was the best thing that happened to you this week? This is something that I got into the habit of asking my kids every Friday. I would say, “think back over your week and what was the best thing that happened to you this week?” 

Sometimes the answer would be, “I’m not sure, let me think about it and get back to you”.  Other times it was something very significant that happened and they were able to answer really fast.

The point of the question was not necessarily the answer. It was to get them thinking about something good going on in their life and focusing for even just a few minutes on that.

I don’t know about your kids but my kids aren’t big on willingly sharing their life with me. So, this was a really great way to get a conversation going or asking questions about their life, without seeming to be prying or putting anyone on the defensive.

If I was really lucky, they in turn would ask me what was something good that happened to me this week.

Try it with your kids.  You will be surprised how just a simple question can create a wonderful thought-provoking conversation.


Let them know how to use gratitude to change any type of negative thinking. How practicing gratitude for even a few minutes will automatically change a negative mind-set into a positive one. That just being grateful for what they have now will bring more of what they do want into their life.

Be Their Example

My kids have grown up now listening to me talk to them non-stop about the power of creation. About the law of attraction and manifesting their desires. To the point of rolled eyes when I text them yet another great manifestation video or podcast. I don’t care. I keep doing it anyway.

They listen with me as I listen in the car. My youngest son can recite my favorite Bob Proctor message better than I can. But they have also seen it in action.

They know that no matter what anyone says or tries to tell them any different, that it works. They know this is real information. And have used it themselves.

They were all gifted the Secret to Teen Power at a young age. Now they buy their own law of attraction books. They journal, create vision boards and are loving seeing the power that they have in creating the life they really want. Empower your kids to do the same.

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