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Most of us know or have heard about positive affirmations and know what they are but how do we go about creating positive affirmations for ourselves?

How To Create Your Positive Affirmations

Before we can create our positive affirmations, we first need to recognize and acknowledge the negative beliefs about ourselves and our life that are holding us back. Really take the time to analyze and be honest with yourself. Brutally honest. This is a hard but necessary step.

We may be thinking things like “I am completely unlovable and I will always be alone” or “I am too old to start a new career, there is no job out there for me” or “I’ve always been overweight and have always had a hard time losing it”.

These may be the thoughts that are going through your mind on a daily basis without you even being aware of them. Do you know we are on auto-pilot about 46.9% of the day? That means we are thinking thoughts without even being “consciously” aware of what we are thinking half of the day.

How the Law of Attraction works is when you think these types of thoughts, you will only get more of them. You are creating your life with these negative thoughts!

So how do we change our thinking?

1. Take time to really analyze your negative and limiting beliefs. Get brutally honest with yourself.

2. Write all of them down either on a piece of paper or on your computer screen.

3. Now write down what the opposite positive side of that negative belief would be. For example, if I write down my negative thought or belief as;

“Losing weight is so hard for me. I feel lazy and tired and just don’t feel motivated”

Now let’s re-write this as a positive affirmation:

“Each day losing weight is getting easier and easier for me. My body feels healthy and strong”

“I will never find my soul mate. There is just no one out there for me”

Now let’s re-write this as a positive affirmation:

“My perfect person is coming to me sooner than expected and I’m super excited to meet them”

4. Go back and erase the negative thought. Leaving just the re-written positive affirmation.

You have just created your positive affirmations! This will be your Positive Affirmations List that you will read and say each morning and again throughout your day.

This will help you to keep a positive mind-set and to become more aware of the thoughts you are thinking.

The more you do these affirmations, the sooner they will become your new thoughts and beliefs. The sub-conscious mind loves and needs repitition. You don’t learn and retain anything without constant repitition.

You are planting the seed with every affirmation you say. Now you just need to wait for the seed to grow. Plants don’t grow overnight so be patient with yourself.

If our thoughts are creating our future, let’s think thoughts that are creating the future we want

~ Tena

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