think positive thoughts, not negative thoughts


Most of us live based on what our outside circumstances are communicating to us and let that dictate our inside thoughts. We need to learn to live backwards. We need to change our inside thoughts to create our outside world. What we are thinking today is going to manifest our future.


Start becoming aware of what you are thinking about. Most of us live our life completely unaware of the thoughts that are going on inside of our heads. Set a thought-check checkpoint in your day. Stop what you’re doing and reflect on what you have been thinking about. Put aside what you’re concentrating on, work, kids, laundry and focus on and really think about what you’ve been thinking about as you’re doing those tasks. You may be thinking thoughts like “I hate my job”, “I hate my house”, “why must everything be so hard?” or “nothing ever works out for me”. Take note of your inside thoughts. These are what are creating your outside world now and in the future. 


Change your inside thoughts

At one point as I was cleaning my kitchen, I realized that the only thoughts that were going through my head were negative. I was cursing my family for being such slobs, I was cursing my kitchen for not always being neat and clean and  exactly what I wanted. Then I stopped for a second and thought; “these thoughts are creating my life”. I was letting negativity come in and not even realizing it.  I realized that nothing will change until I changed my inside thoughts. Do I like cleaning my kitchen? No. But not cleaning it isn’t an option. So, while I’m doing that the only choices I do have are to change the way I’m thinking and feeling while I’m doing it.


Remember the Law of Attraction. Negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts and before you know it, you’re going down a rabbit hole of negativity. When you find yourself in a situation that in the past has always brought out your negative thought patterns stop them in their tracks. Know going into it that they’re coming and prepare yourself.

Put on your favorite playlist and listen while you clean your kitchen. Spend laundry sorting, garage straightening or cleaning-the-fish-tank-time listening to a great podcast, music or some positive affirmations. Do whatever you can to prevent that negativity from coming in. 

Now when I start cleaning my kitchen, I am aware that these thoughts will be coming and I now have an arsenal against them. I am prepared to take on the barrage of negativity that is surely coming and threatening to destroy the rest of my day.

Thoughts are seeds and they will produce what is planted. Don’t let those negative thoughts, those weeds destroy the garden of your mind.

~ Tena


Turn off the news. I’m not suggesting you live under a rock and not stay informed of important world events or things happening nearby. What I am suggesting is to limit your exposure. Know that when you are watching or listening or reading something that is mostly negative, this will cause you to get into a negative mindset or vibration. Without you even realizing it.

Take note of how you’re feeling when you’re watching something negative or reading something depressing. Our feelings are a barometer of “how” we’re thinking and “what” we’re thinking about. 

Instead try reading a funny book. One that makes you laugh out loud. Listen to some upbeat music. Watch a funny show like Seinfeld (my choice) or do a craft or fun project.


Steer clear of the co-worker who does nothing but complain about their boss or their job. Soon you’ll find yourself complaining about your boss and your job too. Try to limit talking to the friend who does nothing but complain about their life, kids or their financial woes. It’s very easy to get sucked into these conversations and start to commiserate. Remember the phrase “misery loves company”. If you can’t avoid these people then try to gently steer the conversation to something more uplifting and positive. Find something they like and bring it up.


I cannot say enough how gratitude changes your outlook and perspective on everything. Instead of complaining about all of the chores and obligations you have to do, be grateful that you are capable of doing them. Instead of complaining about your job, be grateful that you have one. When you find yourself complaining about money, be grateful you have enough to put food on your table and clothes on your back. Change your inside thoughts.

Sometimes it can be hard to find gratitude in the midst of a negative circumstance but if you really look hard enough, you can always find it.


If you’re looking for some more information on the Law of Attraction check out Feedspot. They’ve put together a great list of the top 15 Law of Attraction websites for you to peruse.

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  1. Great post! I love the idea of having a mental checkpoint in our day to evaluate our thinking. I’ve definitely found myself going down negative rabbit holes and having a checkpoint helps stops it from occurring. Thanks!

  2. Changing thoughts are so hard for me. Thanks for sharing. I like what you said – Do whatever you can to prevent that negativity from coming in. – That’s important.

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