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Why Is This Happening To Me?

How many times have we said “why is this happening to me?” I cannot tell you how many times that phrase has come out of my mouth. And most times it doesn’t come out quietly. It’s more like a cry of pure outrage. The feeling of no-control takes over me and I just want to …

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a bad day

You Had A Bad Day

Sometimes we have bad days. Negativity creeps in. We find ourselves thinking negative thoughts, feelings of sadness or even depression comes over us. But we needn’t let those bad days define who we are. We need to recognize it for what it is. You had a bad day. Often times when this happens we start …

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focus on what you do want

Focus On What You DO Want

So often we find ourselves frustrated or depressed about our circumstances but what are we thinking about? Are we spending our time thinking of all the things we don’t like about our life? Are we thinking about all of the depressing circumstances surrounding us? Just a simple change in our thoughts could change the whole …

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live from the end

Live From The End

What does that mean to live from the end? When you are trying to create a new reality, you must live only from and in the end result. Get Into The Feeling How will you feel when you have what it is you’re wanting? Say you want a new relationship. How are you going to …

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be happy today

Be Happy Today

Regardless of circumstances. Make the conscious choice to be happy today. Most of us let the outside world dictate our happiness. The truth is, happiness is a choice and it starts with us. It starts with the thoughts we are thinking. Have you ever noticed when your day starts out rough, the rest of the …

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making a decision

Making a Decision

Making a decision is decidedly one of the hardest, yet most important thing any of us need to do in order to move forward in life. It is the very first objective that we need to accomplish to get us moving toward the thing we want.  How often have you found yourself on the fence …

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9 steps to achieve any goal


It can be a goal of how much weight you want to lose or by a certain time. Maybe a goal of how much money you want to earn in the next 3 months, 6 months or within the next year. It can be a goal about the type of relationship you want to be …


empower your kdis


The best thing we can do for our kids is to teach them how their thoughts become things. That how changing their thoughts can change how their life will evolve. Let them know how the law of attraction works. They don’t learn this in school. So you as the parent need to empower your kids …