be happy today

Be Happy Today

Regardless of circumstances. Make the conscious choice to be happy today.

Most of us let the outside world dictate our happiness. The truth is, happiness is a choice and it starts with us. It starts with the thoughts we are thinking.

Have you ever noticed when your day starts out rough, the rest of the day seems to continue on that path. That’s because now we’re in a negative mindset, so anything that happens will be met with negativity.

We’ve all had those mornings, the cat puked or the kids are fighting. In a perfect world we would all wake up to sunshine and rainbows, birds singing and everyone getting along.

Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen that way. And that’s when we need to make a conscious choice to be happy. Regardless of whatever is going on around us.

How Do We Do That?

Change your thoughts. You will need to meet every negative thought with a positive one. So the cat puked, at least I didn’t step in it. The kids are fighting, at least they’re not fighting with me. And so on it goes. We don’t want to have to do that, but sometimes the day is going to dictate that you must.

And when you continue to do this, keep combating those negative thoughts, you’ll find your mood beginning to lift. Then you start to notice the more positive things happening around you.

Sounds silly, but it’s true. Try it next time you’re having a hard time finding happiness in your day. Make a conscious effort to combat each negative thought with a positive one. The more you do this, the easier it gets.  And pretty soon it will become a habit.

Start Your Day In Gratitude

And always remember to start your day with an attitude of gratitude. Just writing down a few things each morning that you’re grateful for is a strong way to start out your day. It will also help keep you in a positive mindset.

First be aware that negative thoughts can ruin your day if you let them. Then realize that happiness is just a few positive thoughts away. The choice is yours. So make the conscious choice to be happy today.

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