9 steps to achieve any goal


It can be a goal of how much weight you want to lose or by a certain time. Maybe a goal of how much money you want to earn in the next 3 months, 6 months or within the next year. It can be a goal about the type of relationship you want to be in or a specific goal for your business. Whatever your goal is the process will always be the same. Follow these 9 steps to achieve any goal.

Setting Goals Is The First Step In Turning The Invisible Into The Visible

~ tony robbins

Step 1

Set a specific goal and be clear on it. Before you can achieve any goal you first need to get straight on what it is you really want.  Don’t be afraid to set a big goal for yourself. It doesn’t have to be one that you know yet how you’re going to do it. But set a specific goal that will challenge and inspire you.

Step 2

Commit yourself to achieving your goal. Once you make a committed decision, your brain will stop making excuses for not doing the things you need to do to achieve your goal. You start focusing on and asking yourself how you can achieve your goal and not how you can’t.

Step 3

Write your goal down on paper.  When you write your goal down, you get your brain involved in helping you to achieve this goal based on the principles of the Law of Attraction. The more often you see your goal written out and read it and feel the emotions of having that goal now the more you will internalize it.

Step 4

Stay continuously focused on your goal. Create a strategy on how you can achieve it. If it’s a weight loss goal, do research daily on how you can lose that 40 pounds. What foods you will need to eat or set up an exercise plan that is doable for you. Read success stories of how others have reached a goal similar to yours. Research how you can you use your knowledge and expertise for creating more income.

All of these things will help keep you motivated and keep you focused on your goal. The more you focus on your goal, the more ideas, situations, helpful people and circumstances will come to you on how you can achieve your goal.

Step 5

Visualize yourself already living with and in your goal. Feel yourself as though you’re already earning the income you want or being at the weight you’re trying to achieve. Start looking at the clothes you’re going to be buying soon and in your new size then visualize yourself wearing these new clothes.

Begin looking at houses that you want to live in once you have the income you are aiming for. Picture yourself living in and moving around in that house. And get excited about it. Do this every single day for at least 10-15 minutes per day and before you go to sleep at night. Get into the feeling of how you would feel if you had already achieved your goal.

Step 6

Change any routines or habits that you are presently doing that will hinder you from achieving your goal. If you get up late every morning and won’t have time to do the exercise you need to do, then go to bed an hour earlier than usual.

If you immediately open up your phone or spend an hour watching the news first thing in the morning.  Stop. Tell yourself you will only look at your phone for emergencies or work that absolutely has to be done. The news and social media are motivation killers. Replace these routines with new habits that are more beneficial to how you can achieve your goal.

Step 7

Believe that you will get it. Do not focus on your present circumstances or past failures. Focus only on your goal and the end result. Don’t focus on all of the times you failed to achieve your goal. Let only positive thoughts and feelings into your consciousness.

You have to believe you already have your goal before you will see it in your present reality. So when a negative thought comes into your mind telling you that you can’t achieve your goal, immediately replace it with an empowering one.

Step 8

Always stay focused on your why. We all have a reason for wanting to achieve a specific goal. If you start to get discouraged when you’re not seeing your goal manifest quickly enough or hurdles get in your way then go back to your why and focus on it. Get it clear in your mind again as to why you want to achieve your goal. This will keep you motivated to keep going!

Step 9

Keep your written goal out where you can see it. Make a habit of looking at your goal often. The more you do this, the more your brain will start to believe it. And once you start to believe it, the subconscious will continuously show you ways and give you inspiration on how to achieve your goal.

Never, ever give up the dream of achieving your goal. If you really want it and stay focused on it. You will get it!

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