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We know the Law of Attraction will attract good things to us with our positive thoughts and positive vibrations. We also know that the Law of Attraction can and will attract negative circumstances into our lives with our negative thoughts and vibrations. That is why it’s so important to maintain a positive vibration. Changing our mindset and our vibration to become positive can sometimes be tricky when we’re feeling low but these 5 ways to feeling good now will help you get there.

Below are 5 easy ways that I’ve found truly work to elevate my mood quickly:

1. Go for a walk outside

Walking outside is a fantastic way to get your mood and energy levels up. Being outside especially in a wooded or park-like setting just makes us naturally feel better. Nature is perfect and so it emits a perfect energy or perfect vibration.  That’s why we feel so good when we spend time in nature doing things like fishing, biking, hiking or just walking along the seashore.

During the cold winter months in Michigan it’s a little harder to get myself going but once I bundle up and get out the door and start walking, before I know it I’ve gone 3 miles!  Most times I will have my earbuds in, listening to music or a podcast but you can listen to nothing at all if you prefer.  Just enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors. When I get home my energy levels are higher and I feel good about myself that I got some exercise in and my mood is so much better.

2. Listen to some music

Music is an awesome medium to get your mood up. Put on some great music that makes you feel positive, happy and carefree. Something that will make you sing out loud or make you dance. There are times that I dance around the house and I don’t care that I’m embarrassing myself in front of my kids. It gets me feeling fantastic.  [Friendly hint] stay away from music that is chaotic, stressful or can make you feel sad. It’s best to stick with something that will make you feel calm, upbeat and happy.

3. Make a plan with a friend

Maybe you can’t get together with that friend today, just making plans with someone gives you a better outlook.  Make plans to get together for lunch or dinner or even better, plan a vacation. Even if they’re just plans to get together for a cup of coffee or go for a walk together, making plans means you have something you can look forward to and this will get your mood up.

4. Take a drive

There are times that I cannot find any space in my house to be by myself. It’s especially hard during this Covid pandemic when most everyone is working and schooling from home. It’s impossible to find a second to think.

So I get in my car and I drive. I put on some feel-good music, a favorite podcast or some calming or positive affirmations and listen while I drive.  I don’t live too far from the water so I’ll drive along the lake-shore, listening to whatever on my radio and by the time I get home I’m feeling much happier and I’ve realigned my energy to attract more positive experiences instead of negative ones.

5. Meditate

Meditation is such a great way to relax, de-stress and just focus on you in this present moment. Find a quiet comfortable space in your home to meditate for even just 10 minutes and reset your mindset.  Your mood will be much brighter and you will feel calmer, more focused and better able to handle all of the things that your day will have in store for you with a happier outlook.

If you have never meditated and don’t really know how to begin, check out my post Mediation And Its Benefits for help. 

These are just a few of the ways that I have found really work for me to get my mood up and to reset my vibration so I’m in a more positive place to attract positive things. I hope you find they work for you too. Let me know in the comments what you’ve found helpful for you.

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13 thoughts on “5 WAYS TO FEELING GOOD NOW”

  1. Love these tips. I am itching to go for a walk now! Will definitely take a walk out tomorrow. And music definitely works wonders. I’ve saved a couple of playlists that I shuffle depending on my mood. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are great! I definitely try to start my day by taking a walk outside everyday. Thanks for sharing!

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