3 tips to setting and achieving daily intentions


Setting specific intentions for the day is extremely powerful as it keeps us focused on a goal and gives us direction for our day. So often we say to ourselves, I wish I could do this or accomplish that today. But as with most of us, daily life gets in the way and the things we really wanted to do are left undone. Below are tips to help you harness the power of setting daily intentions.

Identify Your Intentions

Oftentimes just identifying and figuring out what our intentions for the day “should” be is the hardest part. You will need to spend some time on this and really think about what you want to set as your daily intentions.

Most times they will be things you have been planning to do but just can’t find the motivation to start.

You can set your intention of completing a specific work duty you’ve been putting off or starting that new diet. How about drinking 8 glasses of water today, getting to the gym or cleaning out your closet. It can be something as simple as making an effort to smile at 3 strangers today or writing down 10 things in your gratitude journal. Making that call to a long-lost friend or reaching out to an estranged loved one.

Whether the intention is big or small, set it and know that today will be the day it gets done.

3 Easy Tips to Setting Daily Intentions

1. Make a Manageable List

If you list too many things to accomplish in one day, it can become overwhelming and you may get discouraged. You don’t want to start off your day in a discouraged or negative mindset. Keep your daily list short and in order of importance. Set your intentions on things that you know you CAN do, not necessarily everything you WANT to do.

2. Write Your Intentions

This is a big one. Writing down our intentions make them become real and something that we can look at and focus on. The act of writing the intention and seeing it written out actually creates a physical response in our bodies. It activates the RAS (reticular activating system) which is the attention center in our brain. When this gets flipped on it works to keep us motivated and focused on completing our task.

{TIP} Write down your intentions the night before for the following day.

Keep this list out somewhere you can see it and read it over a few times throughout the day. When you read each of the written intentions, spend a few minutes focusing on each one and then picture yourself having accomplished it. You don’t necessarily have to know exactly how that intention will be fulfilled. Just picture the end result and feel the emotions of relief and gratitude that it’s done.

3. Visualize Your Intentions

Have fun with this one. Take 5-10 minutes before your feet hit the floor in the morning and visualize yourself accomplishing your intentions. 

See yourself drinking in that cold glass of water and eating a healthy breakfast. Feel yourself getting into your workout clothes, lacing up your tennis shoes then driving to the gym. Imagine how you will feel after the workout is done. Enjoy the sense of pride that you did it and feel the hurt-so-good physical soreness you know is coming. Sigh with relief at finally finishing that dreaded work task or getting that can’t-shove-one-more-thing-in closet cleaned out. Smile as you picture yourself crossing off all the things you’ve completed on your to do list.

Stay Motivated!

Keep up this practice of using these 3 tips to setting and achieving your daily intentions. It only takes an average of 66 days of doing anything (good or bad) for it to become a habit. So start now and in a couple months setting your intentions will become a normal part of your daily routine. You will be amazed at how many more things you can actually accomplish by using the power of setting daily intentions.

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