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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Tena Harwick. I am a wife of 27 years, mother of 3 and a Mindset and Personal Development Coach.

Have you ever felt that feeling of wanting to do more, be more have more? Like you just know you’re made for more? It’s your time, right now to get un-stuck and start moving toward your dreams!

We are the creators of our lives, the creator of our reality, even if we don’t realize it. Our thoughts and feelings up until now have created the life we’re living.

The one thing that all great theologians and scientists alike agree on…..thoughts become things.

~ Tena

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    How many times have we said “why is this happening to me?” I cannot tell you how many times that phrase has come out of my mouth. And most times it doesn’t come out quietly. It’s more like a cry of pure outrage. The feeling of no-control takes over me and I just want to …

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  • Focus On What You DO Want
    So often we find ourselves frustrated or depressed about our circumstances but what are we thinking about? Are we spending our time thinking of all the things we don’t like about our life? Are we thinking about all of the depressing circumstances surrounding us? Just a simple change in our thoughts could change the whole …

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