If I Want To Change My Current Circumstances Then I Have To Change My Thoughts

What I have finally come to understand and accept is that my success and my circumstances are solely my responsibility. It’s not about opportunity that has or has not come to me. It’s not about me not being good enough or smart enough or pretty enough. It’s all about what is going on in my head. What are the thoughts I’m thinking?

I have to change my thoughts to see the results I want to see happen outside of me.

It’s a bit of a harsh reality in that everything I have or DON’T have is about me.

I’ve allowed myself to think in the wrong way for most of my life.

The only excuse I have is that……. I didn’t know.

I did not know that my thoughts today will literally meet me in the future as my reality.

Now that I understand this, it is easier for me to accept responsibility for where I’m at – good and bad.

Just knowing this doesn’t necessarily make it any easier for me. I still sometimes struggle with keeping the right thoughts and the right visions in my imagination to match up with what I really want.

BUT, what does make it a little easier is knowing I have nobody to blame but myself. And on the flip side, it’s an awesome feeling when I see something great happen that was once only in my imagination that I get to take responsibility for that too. And feel really great about it.

I love knowing that I can literally be, do and have anything I really want. Learning to understand how my thoughts and my imagination work together to create something extraordinary has been truly eye-opening.

I’ve been following Bob Proctor and his teachings for many years and because I’ve learned so much from him, decided to join him in his efforts to get this information out to others.

Please watch this short clip on what others are saying.

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